Hi, I am so glad you are here! I am Kimberly Maertens and I love this life that God has given me. I could not ask for a better half, than my husband Peter and I love our family. We have three of the funniest, most beautiful and precious kids God has ever created; Moriah, Jordan, and our newest addition baby Scarlet. She is more amazing then we could have imagined and we all adore her. 

As a photographer at His Light, I love sneaking candid shots. I am a people watcher, dreamer, and goal setter at best. This is why I most enjoy helping stage natural and unique poses that bring out the best of who you are, while Jennifer shoots away capturing beautiful images that you are sure to love.

Editing is my other side to the business. I love making images come alive and pop with vibrant colors that will have you falling in love with your photos time and time again. It is my goal to make your hopes reality with the finished products that you receive from His Light Photography. When I am not doing photography I love spending time with Jesus and the amazing family, extended family, and church family that He has given me. Lastly, when I have some quiet time, I am dreaming of the day that His Light Photography goes nation wide, capturing breathtaking images and fulfilling all that God has for me in the light of all of His creation.