We are sisters, moms, and portrait photographers located in Orlando and we specialize in photographing high school seniors. It is important to us that you have an enjoyable experience working with us before, during, and after your photo shoot! We want our photographs to take your breath away. Our hope is that you will laugh and cry at the same time when seeing the results of your session.

We can not go any further without telling the world about our amazing parents. They are our biggest cheerleaders and without them HIS LIGHT photography simply would not exist. Their continual love, support and encouragement drives us to pursue every God given desire we have. There really is no one else like them and we ask God to bless them beyond anything they could ever ask or hope for!

We once dreamt of being photographers and in 2001 bought a film camera to capture hours upon hours of the early years of Jennifer's daughter, Makayla. However, that dream faded as life happened. Fast forward 11 years... After we both gave birth to baby boys two months apart, we decided to invest in another camera to document our growing families. We very quickly realized that we both had a unique talent paired with a natural ability to compliment each others strengths and HIS LIGHT photography was born! We continually aim to stay competitive with the industries best and strive to work faithfully as unto Christ so we can bless your family with our very best!